Friday, 17 June 2016

1 - Five Things One Year

It's strange how a year can just go by like, THAT! How you can get carried away living your life and leave things that you care about forgotten in your wake. I think that this is the best explanation I have about what I let happened to this blog. Suddenly I'm looking at a web page thinking "S**T !!! Has it really been that long?" I guess I got so carried away in new adventures and sort of forgot about this space. The past year has been really exciting, full of great moments with new friends and new lessons learned. 

1. Brighton is SO MUCH FUN, there is always something going on and something to do.

2. So much to do, whether that is a night out or finding a great coffee shop to chill in with a book

3. There are so many pretty things to find

4. Lot's of amazing people to meet

5. A new room to decorate (haha I love a good interior)

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