Thursday, 30 July 2015

Creating Red Dresses

Although it has to be said that, so far this summer I've done nothing really. Definitely nothing of any consequence creatively.  Really all I've done is bum about my life mostly going to work, re-visiting my 14 years old selfs questionable taste in literature and go to a music festival. Latitude which I lost my phone at, but thankfully found at the end of the festival, so no pictures for the likes of Instagram or this blog, unfortunately. :(((((((((((  Although it was a really amazing time, full of amazing music and memories.

Despite the fact that I can't claim that I've really created much lately, I can claim this!  I have had this old dress lying around for a while waiting for me to transform it, as I hate to chuck something that still has some potential even if it is broken. It is part of the few things that I have actually made/ transformed/ got out of bed and done recently. When I was thinking about what to do with this old dress I tried to just let the dress talk for itself; letting the shape and the stories of this dress shape its new life. It's definitely become this sweet kind of fairy tale childlike dress with a dash of edge I'd like to think. I feel like a fresh version of little red riding hood wearing it. (life goal achieved)

Eaves is an amazing artist, I discovered him at latitude festival  a couple of weekends ago, I actually saw him twice in one day. I love his folky sound its really entrancing, I've had him on repeat since I got back. Song:  Eaves - Dove in Your Mouth

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